Our Story

Growing up, I was the kid who always lingered a little longer at the snack table. Unfortunately, my love for snacks came with its own set of challenges. Being overweight as a child wasn't easy. It wasn't just about the extra pounds; it was the bullying and the constant battle with my self-esteem that hurt the most. Every taunt, every pointed finger was a reminder that I needed to change, not just for my health, but for my happiness.


My journey wasn't easy. It took years of dedication, countless hours of training, and an unwavering commitment to transform my life. Kickboxing wasn't just a sport to me; it was my sanctuary. It taught me discipline, resilience, and most importantly, it taught me to believe in myself. As I transitioned from a student to a fitness and kickboxing instructor, I realized my journey was more than just about losing weight; it was about empowering others to embrace their own paths, to live in the moment, and to find joy in their own journeys.


This realization was the cornerstone of Wayback Snacks. I wanted to create a brand that wasn't just about healthy eating but about living a fuller, more enjoyable life. Each cereal bar we craft is a testament to that belief. They are not just snacks; they're reminders to savor the moment, to laugh a little louder, and to dance a little longer, even if the music has stopped.


Wayback Snacks is more than just a company to me; it's a community. It's for those who, like me, have faced their battles and emerged stronger. It's for the dreamers, the doers, and everyone in between who believes that being healthy doesn't mean you can't have fun. Our snacks are crafted to be enjoyed wherever life takes you, whether you're climbing a mountain or just dancing in your living room.


I invite you to join our journey, not just to live a healthier life but to embrace the joy in every moment. Let's empower each other to be our best selves, to laugh at the chaos, and most importantly, to have fun living this crazy, beautiful life.


Together, let's make every snack a celebration of where we are and a toast to where we're headed.


Isaac Chappan

Founder, Wayback Snacks